about Shine Life Solutions

Shine Life Solution is India’s leading app-based credit line. Offered in partnership with leading banks, it is not just a personal loan, not just a credit card, but a personal credit line. In simple words, Shine Life Solution is catering to the credit needs of middle-class customers in India. We are providing small-medium cash loans, quick credit on mobile, affordable interest rates and flexible EMIs.

For most of us, applying for a personal loan is a cumbersome process. Those who have credit cards, end up paying high interests on credit card loans. The other option of taking help from family and friends is not quite pleasant either and not everyone gets a salary advance from their employers


Shine Life Solution aims to make credit accessible to the millions of Indians, who have a hard time getting credit when they need it.


Empower young Indians and help them in their time of financial crisis by becoming the one stop solution of all the financial problems.

Our features

Make “what we provide” as “Our Features”

Withdraw as low as 1000

Borrow an amount as low as INR1,000 from your personal line of credit with Shine Life Solution

Instant Approval of Loan

Now the loan is just a few taps away from your bank account. Get instant approval on loan at Shine Life solution.

Getting away from document pile

Submit minimal documents only and we will approve your loan by evaluating submitted documents

Amazing loan card plans

With our loan card you can avail loan as small as INR 1000 and as big as INR 25 lacs.

Loan guarantee without collaterals

We don’t want you to risk or leave your valuable asset as collateral and at the same time we give guarantee of loan.

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